My 3 months in Shelters!!!
“Life offers you many opportunities, all u have to do is grab the right one”
One such opportunity was SHELTERS, .though I kept it as my last priority while choosing firms for my internship. But in these 3 months I realised that it should have been my first priority..
While choosing firms for internship only few people think about “the good” firms and remaining 90% choose the city where they have to do their internship before choosing their office..and I was one such person in that. But later reality proved me wrong..
On my first day here , it was more scarier than my first day in college and it made me more scarier when  I knew I was the  first intern to join for this semester. Generally, on our  first day so many questions pop up in our heads, but I was all blank..
when I met my Principal Architect on my first day and when I was assigned to do my first work , all I was thinking was to make that work satisfying rather than perfect when he looks at it….because no one  can be perfect..
Day by day , I lost all my fears and builded up my confidence.. and my Principal Architect’s  words made me so.. work was made understandable and easy…”Architecture cant be taught, it should evolve” and that’s what I learnt in my first few weeks in shelters.
When I was assigned under a Junior Architect, that’s when I felt the real pressure of internship.. but surprisingly ,it  wasn’t tough because everyone here was ready to teach me and guide me though I asked a silly questions  and I think I wouldn’t have found this guidance and support if I had joined in any other firm.
The atmosphere in shelters is something I adore from my  first day, creating a lively space to work is not something that every firm does.. I found it more lively from my first day and till now. Not only listening to songs makes a space lively but also people.. and that was my first assignment given to me by my Principal Architect , to interact with everyone in the office.
In college all we do is draft blindly and were made to think “inside a box”.. but in here in shelters I learnt how much u can learn even in drafting when every single line matters in a design and definitely its “out of the box” thinking in shelters. Every time I step into my Principal Architects room, I make sure that I learn something new everyday in his words .
Everyday I made sure I learnt something and yes I did… from being an student to understanding what does architect’s do , I have learnt things and I'm still learning.. Shelters really is a great platform given to me to think, learn and discover.
Though I have still 9 more months to go to complete my internship , I still can confidently say that there so many things waiting for me to learn and discover…


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